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Four useful tools for checking the performance of your website

Nobody likes a slow website, make sure your website is performing. You can test it with these three popular tools.


Enter your URL and test from a number of major cities. Identifies what’s making pages slow and how to make them faster. A great tool for quickly establishing data related to page speed.

Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

You could argue that this is the benchmark for all page speed testing given it was created by Google. This tool focuses on mobile sites and how to make them faster and friendly.


Perhaps the most detailed of all the tools listed here. GTmetrix gives you loads of information about your website. Their report is packed full of data about how your site loads and helps to detect issues causing your site to become slow.

Web Page Test

Another very detailed tool that I have recently started using. It is very busy site so your website maybe put in a queue of other tests. However, it provides accurate information with a large number of locations and the ability to test from some of the main browsers.

Bonus tool

If you don’t like any of the tools above, you can try this one too:

Varvy Page Speed Tool

Varvy’s mantra is all about optimisation and speed. They have developed a number of tools to help improve the performance of your site. I like it because they can process your site fast and the report is detailed, clear and concise. You get a good overview of site’s speed at a glance.

To Conclude

Try all the tools above and figure out which one is most suited to your site or which one you simply prefer. I test my sites on all of them to obtain a thorough overview of all my websites.

Written on February 2, 2017