My Story

Born, year of the horse in a small market town in the UK, to parents from Hong Kong and a laid back up bringing by the coast. My name is Wai Law (pronounced way) and known to my closest buddies as Waister.

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I am a business Graduate, self-taught Web Designer, Front End Developer and Umbraco Certified Expert consulting across a variety of enterprises but with expertise in travel. I always enjoyed messing around with computers when I was younger. I wrote my first program on a BBC Micro. I made it display my name infinitely when an unsuspecting user touched the keyboard.

For the last couple years I have worked exclusively on Umbraco websites as an implementor/developer and I am currently in the process of migrating several travel related websites to the Umbraco CMS platform and responsible for improving user experience from a client and user side, harnessing the power of Umbraco and it’s features. I am also familiar with WordPress development and more recently, Shopify e-commerce solutions where I operate as a Shopify Partner.

Despite my love of computing and gaming I chose Business as my major, mainly because I was told by family and friends that I would get a better paid job on graduating. So as an impressionable young man I gladly accepted their advice. Unfortunately I wasn’t very fond of my course and felt like dropping out only a month into it. However, I stuck at it and soon learnt to appreciate various aspects of my degree and how it could benefit me. For example, there were modules that taught me how to be entrepreneurial, I learnt how to look after my profit and losses and how to promote a business. These lessons would prove to be beneficial later on in my career.

A few years ago I was in the unfortunate position of being told that I had the dreaded ‘C’ disease. It was a strange one as a lump had manifested itself around my shoulder blade. In the medical world this is known as CUP (Cancer of Unknown Primary) which means the doctors could not pin-point where the mutation had started.

At the time it seemed like I would have to face my own mortality but luckily the surgeons did a fantastic job of removing the whole lump (the size of my fist). I underwent some radiotherapy and almost 8 years on I am deemed as cured but at high risk by my consultant.

During this period I got married and my wife and I now have two beautiful children. We try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and the future is looking rosy. Also around the same time I started exploring the possibility of becoming a freelance web designer. I taught myself HTML and a bit of CSS and I set myself up as a business and started offering my services to anyone and everyone who would talk to me.

My next move was to sign up to a web design franchise with the promise of leads. However, this proved to be the wrong move for me personally as I was bound by a contract that restricted me to only working with people within specific postal areas as per my franchise agreement. Although I enjoyed moderate success as a franchisee it was too inflexible for me but it did inadvertently teach me loads about web development and also running a business. So, for anyone considering the franchise route, think carefully and do your research thoroughly.

I quickly left the franchise and as luck would have it a friend recommended me to the company he was working for. I started working for a well known luxury tour operator where I would eventually be responsible for front end design and UI. I stayed there for 6 years in the end, made several new friends and built myself a network.

I’m a fan of simplicity, websites that function as they were planned, with substance over style. If it doesn’t make your site perform better then leave it out. I practice research, testing and data driven design.

My Father and Uncles were all in business so having grown up around them I have adopted their commercial mindedness and I approach web design with this same mindset. My aim is to deliver high quality designs to schedule, solve your problems and allow your users to have the best possible experience online.

I care about the engagement of your products and create better experiences for you using metrics, design principles and testing.

I have a great understanding of building engaging layouts and deliver solutions that are measurable. I am capable of adapting to your team’s workflow and design requirements. I practice the latest web standards and keep any code clean and well commented. With my experience I have knowledge I love to share. My rates are competitive and I enjoy working flexibly.

For Fun

I enjoy scootering with my toddler, craft ale, coffee, tennis, whisky, pork chops and I love bread. I have walked a marathon but still yet to run one.

My Scribbles

I have a section on this website where I write about random things and stuff I have come across on the web that have either, enlightened me, helped with a task or offered some insight or some useful knowledge. These maybe be of interest, you may even benefit for them. You can enjoy these short snippets over here >

We are thrilled with the new Wild Frontiers Foundation website. With Wai’s expertise and eye for design we now > have a platform that offers our charity and the vulnerable communities we support a real voice. Wai’s ongoing technical support is very much appreciated. He is a pleasure to work with.

Nardia Sullivan Nardia Sullivan
Business Development Manager | Wild Frontiers Foundation