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I’m Wai, a design practitioner thriving on solving complex, interface problems for enterprise.

Career Information.
  • Currently overseeing the design process involving, the digital transformation of systems and applications across a range of SaaS suites in the travel space.
  • Previously consulting and delivering design solutions at a boutique digital transformation specialist working on a nation changing, telecommunications service.
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I have worked with Wai on a number of projects, including building a website, SEO consultancy and video production. He is quick, efficient and a pleasure to work with. On a number of occasions he came up with innovative problem-solving solutions which contributed greatly to the successful outcome of the projects. I would not hesitate in recommending his services.

Mike Pullman Michael Pullman
Marketing Manager | Wild Frontiers Travel

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Working with Wai on our products has been a joy; quick, efficient and friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his services.

Jonny Bealby Jonny Bealby
Writer & Travel Entrepreneur |

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