Cox & Kings Travel UK


Cox & Kings is a niche, luxury, bespoke travel organisation and longest established travel company in the world. Its headquarters in the UK overlooks the banks of the River Thames in London. I was referred to the company by a friend who also worked there and was originally employed in a more technical marketing role using research and my Google Analytics skills to improve overall experience and reduce bounce rate. During the restructuring of various departments I also became involved in the front end design side.

Site Overhaul

In 2014 we worked on the redesign of the outdated existing website bringing it up to modern standards and making it mobile responsive. It was also migrated to a bespoke CMS and CRM instantly automating the whole reservation system and also allowing users to see in real-time what was currently available and to view related special offers. More importantly this speeded up the reservation system and also allowed Travel Consultants to quote based on the most current availability.

I was heavily involved in client-side design and project managed these developments. Working closely with the Digital Manager we also created a content plan and strategy including a way to incorporate video into the marketing mix. Third party promotions using my landing page designs and EDM campaigns were used to drive increasing traffic to the site alongside the production of other digital content and incentives.

In Summary

Ensuring that content was accurate and adhered to company branding was hugely significant. Creating new initiatives for the Cox & Kings website continuously improved overall user experience and interaction, achieving longer visit times and lower bounce rates. Design wise, the website was simplified and increased functionality for users improving overall experience and conversion rates.