Born, year of the horse in a small market town in the UK, to parents from Hong Kong and grew up by the sea. My name is Wai (pronounced way) and my closest buddies call me Waister.

I am a business Grad, self-taught Web Designer, Front End Developer & Video Editor supporting the travel industries. I always enjoyed messing around with computers when I was younger. I wrote my first program on a BBC Micro. I made it display my name infinitely when an unsuspecting user touched the keyboard.

Despite my love of computing and gaming I chose Business as my major, mainly because I was told by family and friends that I would get a better paid job on graduating. So as an innocent teenager I accepted their advice. Unfortunately I wasn’t very fond of my course and wanted to drop-out after the first month. However, I stuck at it and soon learnt to appreciate various aspects of my degree and how it could benefit me. For example, there were modules that taught me how to be entrepreneurial, I learnt how to look after my profit and losses and how to promote a business. These lessons would prove to be beneficial later on in life.

I’m a fan of simplicity, websites that function as they were planned, with substance over style. If it doesn’t make your site perform better then leave it out. I practice research, testing and data driven design.

My Father and Uncles were all in business so having grown up around them I have adopted their commercial mindedness and I approach web design with this same mindset. My aim is to deliver high quality designs to schedule, solve your problems and allow your users to have the best possible experience online.

I care about the engagement of your site and create better page experiences for you using information research methods and testing.

For Fun

I enjoy scootering with my toddler, craft ale, coffee, tennis, whisky, pork chops and I love bread. I have walked a marathon but still yet to run one.

My Scribbles

I have a section on this website where I write about random things and stuff I have come across on the web that have either, enlightened me, helped with a task or offered some insight or some useful knowledge. These maybe be of interest, you may even benefit for them. You can enjoy these short snippets over here >

What am I currently working on?

Travel Direct Ltd

Static website development and CMS Integration

  • Redesign of client side components.
  • Development of editable templates in preparation for integration with Umbraco CMS.
  • Email marketing.
  • Blog and article layout designs.
  • New media gallery section.
  • Development of a tailor-made trips application.

Cuba Direct UK

A/B Testing, marketing automation and enriching content

  • Redesign of key funnel pages.
  • New team members section.
  • Planning CMS integration.
  • Email marketing.